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Cutting Edge Cosmetics


Fuller, Defined, Natural brows that last 12-18 months



Quality Microblading

At SkinSpace, microblading is our specialty. We have mastered creating customized, realistic hair strokes give you the most natural and believably great brows. 

We start with a consultation to create a client profile including a skin assessment and interview to determine the best technique and style for you. You'll go home with information and a prep kit to make sure your skin is ideal and primed for your new brows. 

On the day of your appointment we begin by creating a custom eyebrow shape to complement your features and numbing for comfort. You'll learn more about how to take care of your new brows and receive your aftercare kit. Our artist etches intricate hairstrokes into your skin to recreate the look of a natural, defined eyebrow.

Our Mission

At SkinSpace we have a few policies that we apply to all of our clients to ensure the best overall experience for out clients.

  • We control the comfort of our clients by pre numbing and numbing during the procedure as well as properly explaining each step of the process and keeping open communication to achieve the desired result. 
  • Our pigments are cruelty free, vegan and do not contain any heavy metals. With proper aftercare, they do not blur and you will not experience any unnatural colors. There will not be traces left in your body and they fade beautifully. 
  • We maintain the integrity of our clients skin by using state of the art tools and machines so that years down the line, you will not suffer from overworked skin in your brow area. 
  • Our facility is permitted and insured and up to date with the most current licensing and industry backed sanitation and procedure methods.  

A Painless Process



"It was a painless process and a wonderful experience!"

—Dr. Tracy Bercu

The best results in the South Bay



Get the Results

Have you had a failed microblading experience?  When choosing SkinSpace as your permanent makeup provider, you can rest assured that our specialist is an expert in choosing the perfect shape, color and brow application and most importantly, getting long lasting results. Since we started offering services in Hermosa Beach in 2017, SkinSpace has been dedicated to bringing our clients high quality, natural looking microblading and permanent makeup. Our Artist is certified in over a dozen techniques, including 8 advanced eyebrow techniques. This allows us to choose a style that will work for your skin type, look and lifestyle. Don't worry about what technique to choose, it all starts with a consultation.