Here are some common questions: 

Does it hurt?

Each client is numbed with topical lidocaine prior to procedure. We strive to make our clients as comfortable as possible in all aspects! 

How do I choose a shape?

Your new brows will be perfectly shaped by our specialist. She takes your existing brows (if any!), bone structure and brow routine into consideration to create the perfect look for you. 

What if I have no brow hair?

We love bare babes! We have complete freedom to create perfect brows and the experience to match. 

How long will they last? 

After your first appointment, you need a touch up between 6 weeks and 4 months for the full service. Most clients need a color refresh between 1 and 2 years. 

With advances in permanent makeup, pigment quality has been optimized. SkinSpace uses the highest quality synthetic pigments and you will not experience brows that fade to blue, purple pink or orange hues.