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Owner, Shaena Santana has been a microblading specialist for two years and in her time as an artist, she has been certified in over 25 techniques of permanent aesthetics, permanent makeup and medical tattooing. Having found her passion, as well as brands and techniques she trusts and believes in, she is now ready to expand her usual one on one training methods to small group settings. All new artists that purchase a professional microblading and machine kit will receive a FREE 3 day group training. Classes are limited to 5 students, once a month in Hermosa Beach. If you’re ready to significantly impact your income in the near future, fill out the form below to receive a class overview. You will be added to the waitlist and invited to the soonest available class once your kit is purchased.


Class Highlights:

  • In depth brow design seminar

  • How To: Realistic Brows and Failproof Brow patterns

  • Inside the Industry: Using EXY and DOREME *exclusive workshop*

  • Beginning pigmentology and color theory lecture

  • Brow Corrections workshop: Color, Shape and Ethics

  • Take your first client in our studio under professional supervision

  • Marketing tips and strategies: Starting a business you can build on

  • Exclusive invitations to Shaena’s Advanced PMU classes, available only to her students.

  • Ongoing feedback and support.

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