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Cutting Edge Cosmetics

Permanent brows can take years off of your face, save you time in the morning and give you confidence you didn't even know you were missing.


"The salon is cute and very clean ... knowledgable and professional staff I loved my eyebrows once they healed and the pigment came thru"

- Licia c. , psychologist 



At Skin Space, microblading is our specialty. We have mastered creating customized, realistic hair strokes give you the most natural and believably great brows. 

After mapping out the best brows to complement your features and numbing  for comfort, our artist etches intricate hairstrokes into your skin to recreate the look of a natural, defined eyebrow. 


"It was a painless process and wonderful experience! Thank you!"

- Dr. Tracy B 



A great solution if you are looking to skip eyebrow makeup in the morning. This technique gives you a fuller, more defined brow that looks like you have great brows and makeup skills! If you are a candidate for microblading, powder can be added to the strokes and for those who are not, powder brows are a beautiful alternative to microblading.


" have a very nice experience here...Shaena is very nice ... she always ask what kind of eyebrows you like and she gave me a perfect eyebrow. Love it.."

-Claire L



Our most bold and defined brows, ombre brows are the latest and most current eyebrow style in the makeup industry. Our artist carefully maps out the perfect brows to complement your face then applies an ombre effect that heals to look like perfect symmetrical powdery ombre eyebrows!


"Love love love. I've been kicking about the idea for years and finally aeSkinArt amazing. I've gotten many compliments including my stylist."

- Katy r., gym owner


When choosing Skin Space as your permanent makeup provider, you can rest assured that our specialist is an expert in creating the perfect shape, color and brow application to match your lifestyle while maintaining the integrity of your skin and most importantly, creating beautiful, long lasting results.

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permanent makeup, lash enhancement, permanent lip color, microblading and nanoblading

permanent makeup, lash enhancement, permanent lip color, microblading and nanoblading


In addition to ensuring our artist is up to date with the latest techniques, we take pride in providing the highest quality permanent cosmetics in the South Bay.


"Love love love. I've been kicking about the idea for years and finally aeSkinArt amazing. I've gotten many compliments including my stylist."

 - Katy R, Gym owner


 About Permanent cosmetics

Our pigments are cruelty free, vegan and do not contain any metals. They do not blur or cloud and with proper aftercare, you will not experience any unnatural colors, premature fading or scarring. Designed to maintain the integrity of the skin while also implanting pigment consistently and efficiently, our state of the art machine can work with any skin type. Before all applications, we will consult with you to find the best possible solution for you. Our owner and artist, as well as the top permanent makeup specialits in the world agree that while microblading is a highly advanced technical skill, machine makeup is the future of permanent cosmetics today.


Permanent eyeliner

Our style eyeliner is called a lash enhancement because it does just that. Your eyes will be framed and your eyelashes instantly look fuller. The details make the difference, we will choose the best color, thickness and color density to suit your features.

permanent eyeliner or lash enhancement

“Shaena is so knowledgeable and gentle. I love my results and I highly recommend her.”

— beatriz A.



Improve shape, color and symmetry of your lips with permanent lips. Our artist will shape and enhance your lips to balance your features. We can match your lip color or add more depth. Our pigments are organic and vegan and heal to soft, natural shades ranging from pale soft pink to deep red.

permanent lip color or lip blushing 

permanent lip color or lip blushing 


"Very pleased with the service performed, Shaena is very patient and communicated very well what to expect."

-Donnie F. 

Scalp micropigmentation 

Scalp micropigmentation 



Scalp Micropigmentation is a treatment to help disguise the look of thinning hair and create a fuller hairline. The process is nearly pain free and looks like hair that is naturally fuller. The color is custom mixed to match your hair. You will be able to part your hair and wear it down with confidence or pull your hair back and have the look of a full hairline. 

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