Our Services

We offer the most advanced permanent makeup services in the beach cities. Our owner and Master artist has 23 certifications in permanent cosmetics, micropigmentation and semi permanent cosmetic tattooing. She is constantly traveling to train and bring her clientele the most current, high quality permanent makeup in Hermosa Beach. Below are some of our most current services.



Microblading is our most requested specialty service. We start with a skin assessment and brow design. Our master artist creates your brows specifically for your face by measuring your facial features, considering bone structure, your natural muscle movements and existing brows. If you do not have any existing brows, you can trust our artist is the most qualified to place your brows perfectly.

Our technique is the most natural and hairlike in the Industry. We will custom mix pigments to complement your skin tone. Comfort is a priority and all clients are numbed. There is minimal bleeding or swelling and no down time. Leave the studio with beautiful brows and an aftercare kit to ensure you get results that last.

Ombre and Powder Brows

Often described as a permanent brow tint, ombre brows will give you a defined, powdery get up and go brows. You will be able to choose from all ombre styles which range from soft ombre, classic ombre (also called powdered brows) or bold ombre.

Our artist has been certified in 5 styles of ombre brows and can make them as powdery as you desire. Our artist will spend time using a special brow mapping technique just for ombre brows. After you are happy with the shape and style, your pigment color will be custom mixed and you’ll leave with your aftercare kit, fully informed and prepared to take the best care of your brows until they heal and peel to the soft powdery look that you desire.

Microshading / Combination Brows

Many clients come to us with over-plucked brows that are too far apart and want the natural look of a brow near the center of their face but also like the look of powder or brow pomade. This is when we recommend our combination of microblading and shading.

We can combine 3D hairstrokes and ombre brows in any combination to give you the look of a natural brow with added powder for definition and density. As always, you will have professionally designed brows and an aftercare kit to ensure you get ideal results with proper care.

Plasma Skin Tightening / Fibroblast

Plasma Skin tightening (also called, fibroblast) is a non invasive treatment that impacts the surface of the skin, activating the skin to produce collagen and visibly lift and tighten as well as improve the textures of scars and stretch marks. You will have immediate results that continue to improve as the skin turns over and heals for 5-6 weeks post treatment.

We use state of the art technology to remove wrinkles with little to no down time. At SkinSpace, you can get a full face, breast or neck lift without going under the knife! There is minimal pain, you will be numbed and given aftercare instructions.

Brow Tattoo Removal

Regretting your brows is a thing of the past. Using all natural, non invasive techniques, we can remove your old tattooed brow or poor quality microblading so you can get the brows you deserve. We deposit an all natural saline solution into your skin to pull the ink or pigment out and send you home with an aftercare kit and instructions. Multiple sessions may be required

Dark Circle Removal

Do under eye circles make you look tired and drained? Camouflage your dark circles with advanced micropigmentation. The first to bring this eastern european technique to California, our artist has spent hundreds of hours praticing and studying the skin around the eye.

With a very gentle hand, pigment is implanted into the epidermis in a technique that creates a sheer layer of pigment resulting in the appearance of lighter undereyes. This results in a long term solution that will age well over time.

Lash Enhancement and Stardust Eyeliner

Frame your eyes and never have smudged liner again. Our most natural looking permanent eyeliner is our smoky lash enhancement. We stay within the lash line and create the look of smoky eyeiner. This makes your lashes look fuller and enhances.

For those that prefer a more makeup look we custom design stardust liner by bringing the wing out and add shading that looks like a smoky eye. This eyeliner is specially designed to age well over time. All clients are numbed and many fall asleep while getting permanent eyeliner.

Ombre Lips and Lip Blushing

Ombre lip color is the perfect solution for our clients that want to improve the shape and aesthetic of their lips. Our artist creates the look of a full, sultry shaped lip using advanced 3D techniques. Your lip shape and color is completely designed to complement your features and personal taste.

Love your natural shape but losing color? Lip blushing is perfect for you. You will be numbed both before and during the application. Immediate results are intense and heal to a natural shade. Expect a pain level of 2 or less - many clients fall asleep during the process.

Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflage

Are you embarrassed of your stretch marks or scars? We can now use advanced micropigmentation to create a sheer layer of pigment to both camouflage the stretch marks and improve the texture of your skin. Results are even better when paired with our plasma skin tightening technique. Get your normal back with this minimally invasive treatment.

Our technique originates in Eastern Europe, where they have perfected this process to ensure a natural long term result, even with tanning.