Brow Booster Essential Bundle

Brow Booster Essential Bundle


Want crisp, clean strokes and more retention with one pass? DOREME’s permanent sealer is designed to aide retention and produce better healed results. It is a necessity for our brow procedures and is also a pigment thinner for those artists who use DOREME conc pigments for both manual and machine eyebrows.

DOREME’s Booster Brow allows artists to penetrate the skin more easily, with less pinprick bleeding and more pigment in the stroke. This product is the KEY to hairlike, detailed strokes and going the appropriate depth. Stop feeling like your blade isn’t sharp or as if your scratching! The skin will feel like a canvas that your blade is perfectly made for.

Ensure the brow area is properly cleaned and disinfected before you begin to work. Cleanse all lidocaine from the surface of the skin. Add 1-2 drops in your ring cup and mix well or apply 1 drop between passes. May also use with pigment mask for 3 minutes.

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